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Afaria helps you manage all the pieces of your mobile infrastructure, including desktop and laptop computers, and your mobile devices. From a central location, you can keep devices secure, deploy applications, check inventory and provide automatic updates to your frontline workers.

Afaria Support ServicesEdit

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Afaria ArchitectureEdit

The Afaria architecture is designed for your enterprise environment to help you manage your desktop and mobile computing devices. The following Afaria terms help to provide an understanding of the Afaria product:

•Server –Afaria is a server-based solution that supports a single server or server farm environment. The server communicates with the Afaria database, the Afaria Administrator, the Afaria Over-the-Air (OTA) Deployment Center, the relay server, and Afaria clients. It is the central point for all Afaria activityEdit

• Afaria Administrator –Afaria Administrator is the Web application that provides an interface for the Afaria server. You use Afaria Administrator to define the server configuration, define access policies for Afaria Administrator users, create and manage Afaria clients, monitor system activity, and communicate with other Afaria servers.Edit

• Clients – Afaria clients are user devices, such as laptops, handhelds, and phones that are known to the Afaria database and the Afaria program manages. Clients initiate connections with an Afaria server to run sessions. Servers use sessions to manage the clients, deliver client updates, and to collect data from the client. Depending upon your licensing, several client types are available, so you can choose which one best suits your users’ needs.Edit

• (Optional) OTA Deployment Center –A Web server that you install to provide software deployment services for your clients. An administrator pushes Afaria client installation packages out to the deployment center and then sends notices to device holders. Device holders can download the client directly onto their device for installation.Edit

• (Optional) Relay server –The relay server operates as a proxy for HTTP and HTTPS sessions between the Afaria server and its Afaria clients. The relay server enables you to further secure your enterprise network by moving the session connection point from within your firewall to a location outside of your firewall, to your Demilitarized Zone (DMZ).Edit

• (Optional) OMA DM server –The OMA DM server runs authenticated sessions with OMA DM clients to deliver messages that manage OMA DM clients. Clients are devices that have native support for device management via OMA DM standards and are known to the Afaria server.Edit

SAP Afaria InstallationEdit

If you want to go ahead & feel the Experience of SAP Afaria.

I'm availavble for SAP Afaria installation in your Organization's Premises. Contact me on my e-mail ID:

I'll take 2-3 weeks for complete Afaria installation (it will consist of Afaria Server, Afaria Administrator, Relay Server (if you are considering it in your environment), Self Service Portal)

I will enroll the first 101 users & then pass on this to your New Afaria Administrator.

I will create Basic Policies, Profiles & then pass this to your New Afaria Administrator.


  • For APNS, you should have a Valid Apple ID.
  • SAP Afaria License cost are separate.
  • If any other license needs to procure then it will not a part of installation fees.
  • For PoC's, you need to procure license key from SAP & rest of the job will be mine.


  • For India: INR 155,000/-
  • For USA (NA & Canada): USD 20,000/-
  • For UK & Ireland: GBP 22000/-
  • For rest of the world: USD 22,000/-

This will include the training & documentation about SAP Afaria+ 1 month Support on call & on e-mail.